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Major and Minor

Lehigh Professor Lorenzo Servitje teaches an interdisciplinary Health Humanities course
Professor Lorenzo Servitje teaches an interdisciplinary Health Humanities course on the science and fiction of antibiotic resistance.

The English Major

English majors take courses that frame issues within social, historical, and cross-cultural frameworks. As they read, discuss, and write about literature and films from varied traditions, English majors acquire cultural and critical perspectives as well as skills of interpretation, analysis, and written communication. This training provides students with versatile and flexible skills that are in high demand in a variety of fields–especially when combined with a second major. An English major is a perfect complement to a second major or minor, which increases the value of the skills that students acquire in their English classes. When they move from college to career, students who have pursued English and another field can highlight both a foundational major in the liberal arts and training in a complementary discipline. 

The English major consists of 9 courses (36 credits). Only one course is required of all students: the introduction to the major, English 100. To ensure breadth and depth of knowledge, each English major is required to take five courses at the 300 level, typically one in each of four historical periods (British literature to 1660, British literature from 1660 to 1900, American literature before 1900, and 20th/21st-century literature or film), and one as an elective. One of the five courses must be designated as Writing Intensive.  Double majors may complete the Writing Intensive requirement in either major. Students may choose from a variety of courses in literature and film as electives to complete the required 9 courses.

The Minors

The English Department also offers 16-credit minors in English and Creative Writing. To minor in English students take 4 courses in literature or film, one at the 300 level. To minor in Creative Writing, students take one literature course at the 100- or 300-level, one introductory writing course (ENGL 142, 143, or 144), one advanced writing course (ENGL 342, 343, or 344), and one elective course in writing.

For more information about both the English major and minors in English, Writing, and Creative Writing please see the university catalog.