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First-Year Writing at Lehigh

Amardeep Singh, Professor of English at Lehigh University

Writing is an essential building block of education: It serves as the means through which we think, learn, connect, and produce knowledge in all disciplines.  

Both an individual and a social process, writing enables us to interpret the ideas of others and come to ideas of our own.

Extensive and personalized writing practice and education are defining characteristics of the Lehigh experience.

In your First-Year Writing classes, you will engage in thoughtfully designed, student-centered, and project-based learning experiences. You will write a lot—including short assignments and a variety of full-length essays—and you will receive feedback tailored to your writing needs. Our curriculum, derived from research in the fields of rhetoric and writing studies, is designed to develop your capacities as a writer and communicator so that you can be successful in whatever writing situations you might encounter.

You will leave our program an altogether different writer, one who...

  • responds expertly and with flexibility to the demands of varying rhetorical situations;
  • thinks and responds thoughtfully, ethically, and with respect to the diversity of perspectives vital to meaningful public discourse;
  • deploys careful analysis and reasoned argumentation;
  • understands information literacy and research as a habit of mind for inquiry, learning, critical thinking, and communicating; and
  • brings a complex set of transferrable communication skills to bear on other educational and professional endeavors.