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Dawn Keetley Horror Film class


The English Department provides students with opportunities to make critical and creative contributions as scholars, writers, documentary filmmakers, and engaged members of their communities. Through the study of literature and film, English majors at Lehigh learn how to think critically and write expressively; to research primary historical documents as well as the opinions of thoughtful scholars; and to express themselves in group discussions, in writing, and in varied forms of media for audiences within and beyond the classroom. 

Beyond Lehigh

English majors value these skills not only for the benefit they provide for future careers, but also for the opportunity to expand their horizons and develop as both individuals and as members of diverse communities. 

According to a survey of college students and recent graduates, 96% of English majors said that they would major or minor in English again. They value the expanded worldview they gain from reading texts and watching films from different perspectives, and they also value learning how to communicate effectively and creatively as writers and as public speakers. Because of the small size of English classes, students have regular opportunities to express themselves and collaborate with their peers. 

These skills translate into a variety of fields. Beyond the expected careers of education and writing, English majors go on to pursue employment in law, government, management, finance, marketing, sales, information science, medicine, and more. Many English students pursue a double major in fields such as Economics, Psychology, Journalism, and Biology–and the English major at Lehigh has been designed to facilitate a second major.