Sarah Goletz

If Sarah Wagenseller Goletz has learned anything from fairy tales, it's that the survivors are the people who resist the limits of definition by existing in the interstitial spaces between many names--but you can call her Wag. She emerged fully grown, wielding a tureen of coffee and a sassy expression, from the head of a bearded northern god many decades ago. Although she only spoke Old Norse at first, she gradually became acclimated to present day North America, and even earned a BA in English (with a minor in German) from Moravian College in 2005, followed by an MA in Children's Literature from Eastern Michigan University in 2009. She spent six glorious years in the frozen tundra of northern Maine, teaching composition and literary theory to an absolutely outstanding group of high school students at the Maine School of Science and Math, a small, residential, public STEM school. Her research interests include rhetoric, composition, pedagogy, YA literature, cognitive science, empathy, theory, horror, folklore, myth, and the hero's journey. She is very excited to be at Lehigh and can't wait to narrow these topics into a writable thesis. When she's not teaching or reading All The Things, she's probably hanging out in a graveyard with her awesomely imaginative five-year-old daughter, Penelope, or she's delivering spontaneous lectures to a polite but mostly disinterested cat who is named, but does not answer to, Mr. Novotny, Prince of Peace.

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