Gregory White

Greg received his BA in English and history from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, graduating in 2019. He spent three years working as an undergraduate writing tutor at the Kutztown University Writing Center, where he developed a passion for working with students on their writing—a passion that follows him into his teaching here at Lehigh University. Greg’s previous research has centered on queer studies, working on projects such as subtextual homoeroticism in Shakespeare, analyzing contemporary/post 45 queer literature, and projects involving queer history and historical fiction. Greg also completed a capstone project through KU’s honors program centered on queer and globalization theory and how those theories influence the way we might better understand queer community in a “postcolonial” sense, focusing on a case study of the Turkish queer slang language, Lubunca, and the community it represents. While Greg’s interest in queer studies remains broad, he plans on utilizing his time at Lehigh to more deeply engage with and focus this interest in tune with the literature and social justice focus of the English graduate program.

Graduate Alumni: