First Year Writing Resources

The Williams Prize 

  The Williams essay contest offers annual prizes of $650, $400, and $250 solely for work done in first-year writing courses.  

The Writing Center

  The Writing Center provides the Lehigh community with free, one-on-one conferences with trained writing consultants. Students, faculty, staff members, and dependents can schedule an appointment and come in at any point in the writing process to brainstorm ideas, review a working draft for content and organizational issues, or look over a polished draft one last time. We work with writers of all skill levels and special needs, including self-described struggling writers, professional academics, successful undergraduate and graduate writers, writers with learning disabilities, and English as a Second Language writers. We work with this broad range of writers because no matter how successful a writer is, all writers have blind spots about their own texts. Successful writers know enough to get someone else to look over their writings to find out where the trouble spots are. That's what we do at the Center. Please visit our website to learn more!  

Library Resources


Research Guides

Footnote and Citation Guides

Managing Your Information