Finding H.D. -- Spring 2019 Events

Wednesday, January 30, 2019 - 6:30pm to Tuesday, April 30, 2019 - 12:00am
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Finding H.D. is a year-long series of events celebrating Bethlehem-born feminist, modernist poet, memoirist and novelist, Hilda Doolittle. 
Finding H.D. was launched last Fall -- and continues this Spring with events listed in the attached brochure.   Please distribute to students, colleagues, friends and neighbors.   Finding H.D. is a wide-ranging public humanities endeavor -- a community effort to explore who we are as a city by exploring the life and work of the most influential artist born and raised here in Bethlehem.
Upcoming Spring Events Include:
"How We Fell in Love with H.D. - and Why You Should Too"  (Seth Moglen).   Jan. 30, 6:30-8pm: Bethlehem Public Library (11 W. Church Street). 
"H.D.'s Moravian Roots in Bethlehem" (Craig Atwood, Moravian College). 
Feb. 26, 6:30-8pm (Bethlehem Public Library: 11 West Church Street.)
"Challenging Limited Understandings of Gender and Sexuality" (Mary Foltz, Lehigh English Dept). March 6,  6:30-8pm (Bethlehem Public Library: 11 West Church Street).
 "H.D. and the Natural World"  (Christine Roysden (Lehigh Friends of the Library); Louise Schaefer (Edge of the Woods Nursery); Gary DeLeo (Lehigh Physics Dept); Marilyn Hazleton (Poet).) April 16, 6:30-8pm (Bethlehem Public Library: 11 West Church Street).
 "H.D. and Emily Dickinson: Bisexual women Poets Who Made History" (Liz Bradbury, Bradbury-Sullivan training institute).  April 29, 6-8pm (Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center, 552 West Maple Street, Allentown):
Finding H.D. is a partnership of the Lehigh English Department, the Bethlehem Area Public Library, Mock Turtle Marionette Theatre, and Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center.    The year of events will culminate with the world premiere of an original play about H.D. by Mock Turtle Marionette Theatre in Oct. 2019 at Touchstone Theatre.   

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For downloadable PDF brochure, please click here.