Fall 2018 Courses

Lehigh’s English Department offers a wide range of courses to satisfy CAS Humanities and CBE Global and Diversity requirements, such as the following:

English 115 Afterlives of Frankenstein: Science, Literature, Bioethics (Professor Dolan bdk3)
Mary Shelley’s novel about the scientist Victor Frankenstein’s creation of a “monster” continues to serve as a cautionary tale of scientific hubris, as well as a touchstone for current bioethical discussions.

English 119 Intro to the American Horror Film (Professor Keetley dek7)
This course examines the changing shape of the American horror film from its inception in 1931 with Tod Browning's "Dracula" to the stunning success of horror in 2017, in particular "Get Out" and "It".

English 125 Violence and Terror (Professor Gordon spg4)
Since its beginnings, literature in English has been obsessed with terrorism and violence. When is violence justified? Who can authorize it? How can it be stopped? How (and why) is it encouraged?

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